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Protecting your precious offshore equipment and properties from fouling and corrosion is our soul objective. As compassionate trailblazers, we’re market leaders in consistently developing better products and processes. Wherever you are in the world, our team is dedicated to keeping you going.
No matter what.
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Your offshore equipment and properties are consistantly protected agains fouling and corrosion with our applications, such as ICAF/MGPS, ICCP, ULTRA SOUND and UV-C coolers.

Corrosion is market leader in protecting foundations of off-shore windparks around the world. Our non-sacrificial systems don’t only protect your windmills, but also our environment.

Wanneer een windmolenpark in zee op de traditionele manier met anodes beschermt
wordt, verdwijnt er in 25 jaar 1 miljoen koper in het zeewater… Met de innovatieve en
duurzame ICCP technologie van Corrosion is dat slechts 2,5 gram!

Our on-site research laboratory is just one of the ways we’re working to protect your equipment and the planet. We get to personally develop, improve, and test our products.

Our service engineers for maritime and off-shore installation deliver our complete maintenance programs with on-shore control, spare packages and budget control programs.



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